Sowden SoftBrew™ Coffee


COFFEE - Sowden SoftBrew™ - porcelain pot, stainless steel SoftBrew™ filter and lid


Put your desired amount of ground coffee into the filter according to your taste -see under the taste of coffee


Pour over the water, making sure all the ground coffee is covered by the water


Leave to brew a minimum of 4 minutes for hot coffee, overnight for cold brew


That’s it!


Take out the filter with the used ground coffee

Shake out the used ground coffee into your organic waste - no paper, plastic or aluminium to throw away -

see under war on waste


Rinse the filter under warm water and dry

  • How it works - the Sowden SoftBrew™ Coffee Brewer - a simple infusion method for brewing coffee.

    The Sowden SoftBrew™ filter is the technological heart of the SoftBrew™, with thousands of holes, fine enough to block all grounds larger than 150microns - practically speaking, this means that you are free to use any type of grind you choose - fine, medium or coarse - the Sowden SoftBrew™ filter does the rest - used together with the Sowden porcelain coffee pot it is designed to keep the coffee grounds out of your cup whilst letting all the flavour from the beans brew naturally and flow unhindered or trapped.

  • Hot SoftBrew™ Coffee - after putting your desired amount of ground coffee into the filter, pour over hot water and leave to steep for about 4 minutes – that’s it! Coffee made easy.

  • Cold SoftBrewCoffee - Learn more about Cold Brew Coffee

  • The Taste of Coffee – The best cup of coffee is the one that you like!

    The Sowden SoftBrew™ can be easily used to help you find the brew that best pleases your taste – after all, some people like their coffee very strong and others prefer a light, refreshing cup. The SoftBrew™ pots come in 3 sizes - small, medium and large. We also provide a 7-gram-measuring scoop, equivalent to a heaped tablespoon and we suggest 2 or 3 scoops in the small pot, 4 or 5 in the medium and 6 to 8 in the large – try varying these amounts considering that the origin, the roast and the grind size of coffee beans will also influence results.

    Experiment and discover the cup that you enjoy most.