Sowden SoftBrew™ Tea

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TEA – Sowden SoftBrew™ Teapot

For hundreds of years, the finest teapots in the world have been made without provisions for filters of any kind – be they small nets, clasps or wasteful tea bags. The reason being that the tea leaves must have room to expand and unfurl in order to properly release the full range of their flavours.

The Sowden SoftBrew™ teapot improves this timeless, simple functionality by introducing a beautiful piece of advanced micro-engineering into the heart of the pot - the Sowden SoftBrew™ filter, whose generous dimensions allow the tea leaves the same freedom as that of filter-less pots, as well as being easily removable and cleanable - functionality, which simplifies the ritual of preparing a nice cup of loose leaf tea.

The design of these simple forms, the fruit of George Sowden’s 40 years of pioneering work in the design field, combined with excellent craftsmanship and materials, result in a teapot which, commands the respect of any room. Remember real tea?