Let’s stop the twin curse of tea bags and coffee capsules and enjoy a better-tasting brew - says George Sowden - the statistics are frightening. The UK Tea Council tells us that 96 per cent of the tea consumed in the UK is made with tea bags, representing 62.5 billion cups a year (165 million cups a day) and sending some 370,000 tonnes into UK landfill sites - just for tea! Add to this, 56 billion coffee capsules and the paper filters used for many of the 400 billion cups of coffee the world consumes annually, the quantities are enormous.

Does this ecological problem produce a better-tasting coffee or tea - quite the contrary - our Sowden tea and coffee brewers, with their porcelain pot together with the Sowden SoftBrew™ filter, mean that brewing is done simply with nothing to throw away except the used ground coffee or the used tea leaves. You can add another waste to the damage to the environment from coffee capsules and tea bags, a waste of money! - he went on to comment.